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We are a team dedicated to the commercialization of technological solutions oriented to the client’s business with a presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the United States.

We work with the understanding that each organization has specific needs, and we provide technological solutions oriented and adapted to these requirements, to optimize resources and results.


Being a technological ally, with a focus on talent and human relationships.


Generate value to our clients’ business, through technology, in an environment of happiness and personal fulfillment.


  • Collaboration: Promote collective talent.
  • Commitment: Be responsible with our suppliers and clients.
  • Passion:  Be fully committed with our hearts and with our minds.
  • Diversity: Work with a wide range of brands and be as inclusive as they are.


We partner with market leading providers to offer the highest quality products and services. We work together with large international companies to achieve the best results. Our portfolio includes world class software solutions defined data center, multi cloud security and clean tech technology, among others to optimize the investments made.

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